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Tri-State Christian Missions - No original ideas : )

We are a few years into our movement to bring the local churches together to share the love of Jesus with the Tri-State area. Someone recently told me how blessed they were that even in and maybe especially during the pandemic, we have continued to meet together in a variety of ways praying, sharing the gospel, fellowshipping, and worshipping together, while hearing words of encouragement from those who have experienced the everlasting blessings of following Jesus.

I have seen a welcome trend arising in this partnership we have together. Tri-State Christian Missions as much as it is an organization has no original ideas! We are completely dependent on God working through you to provide messages, outreach opportunities, and activities to reach the community. Though the Lord may prompt me at times with something my task has largely been to facilitate this cooperative and listen to what people say God is putting on their hearts. A lot of the things we have done together are because one person will mention something and another person will also be prompted to mention the same thing at another time. If the idea sits well we put this opportunity out to the larger group. Also in my travels, I have found gifting and callings in people which seemed selfish not to share with you all so we have given these people a platform to impart some spiritual blessing to the group.

It is important to remember that the purpose of leaders is to equip God’s people to do the work of the ministry which they are called to for building up the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-16). That means God gives you something to do and we help prepare you and make a way as much as the Lord allows to help you make it happen. We are not the idea factory of things to do nor are we the ones who will accomplish these wonderful works God has called you to. We can equip and help enable but God will likely give the vision and idea to you.

I have found the many of my recent outreach opportunities have been prompted by listening to the needs and hurts of those outside the church. Again, these were not ideas that I came up with but came by the Holy Spirit quickening something someone had said. Also, some of our newest ministry partners we met through divine appointment and the Spirit’s prompting. So, it seems as though Jesus is building His church and wants us to pay attention to what He is doing so that we can have the privilege of joining Him. This means listening to the promptings of the Spirit, hearing what others in the church are saying, and even listening to those outside the church to see where God might be leading us.

With this in mind, please let me know if there is any content that would be a blessing on this site. Maybe you are prompted to start teaching content, pictures, videos, blogs or music to add. Please let me know because this page is for you.

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